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Started today and just published (quickly) 2 minutes ago!



Faith walks up the stairs that love built…to a window that hope opened.”
Inspiring words by Charles Spurgeon

The paperback version should be out now too




“For me true success is encouraging and helping others to flourish. I believe if we are blessed we can ‘play this forward’ through passing them on and being a blessing to others (in some small way)…and not just for ourselves.”


MISCELLANOUS THOUGHTS (“pearls of great price”)

jotted down in my little green book (that I found in a huge clear-out (thanks so much to my son, Sean)

“Creative minds are rarely tidy…in fact some are fff…flippn messy”

Quotes and phrases that I jotted down (typing them now to try to decipher my atrocious handwriting) and collected (instead of stamps and bottle-tops) along life’s amazing journey


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