How to Defeat an Ideology?

Is It Possible to Defeat Terrorism?: HOW to (as far as possible) combat the scourge of terrorism world-wide


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Just sharing a few thoughts I had last night…

NO one strategy (especially the military one on its own) will work and only a multi-pronged strategy by nearly all nations will eventually win this new war on terror,

An idea! The snake must be cut off at the head to stop what feeds it,, ie. the in-flow of money which sustains this terrorism and terrible violence. The petrol we use in our car may perhaps have even been bought by our country (indirectly) from ISIS? However, with all all our technology available today, there  MUST be a way to trace the sources, then to stop the flow of oil proceeds and arms sales from the military-industrial complex. World leaders agreeing to drastically cut arms making, exporting and selling will be one step towards a more peaceful world..

And each ONE of us can play a part…

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